Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back into it after Fiji

Well I am still not very consistant.
After 2 whole weeks I was so happy with how I was going - cooking most of the meals from the plan and feeling really satisfied/not hungry and really into Michelle's DVDs and my running program. I didn't even have any chocolate or chips!
I was losing weight consistantly AND THEN we went to Fiji, from Monday to the Saturday of Week 3.
It was beautiful, fun and relaxing. I managed to fit into my size 14 dress and I even managed to run 2 mornings out of the 5 we were there. Nutrition was great until Thursday, the wedding day, when I got it into my head that food and drink were OK because it was all catered for. Then of course I started to nibble on the chips and drank too much alcohol and my portion sizes were too big - luckily we were home before too much damage was done....
I put on 1.5 kilos - why is it so easy to pile it on so quickly? Admittedly I had 'cankles' and got rid of a fair bit of fluid over the next few days.
But alas my enthusiasm seemed to disappear too. I am cranky that I did not meet my pre season goals for Week 4, just because we had a beautiful holiday! I did not meet my weight loss goal by nearly 2 ks.
It has taken me all of this Week 4 just to find myself again and I have even had a headache and extreme tiredness for a couple of days. Suddenly the weeks seem to be slipping away and it's already nearly Week 5. I HAVE to be on track for the end of round party in Sydney!
By this Wednesday's weigh-in I'd lost 600gm since Sunday and I have certainly lost a few centimetres, so I have to be happy with that and just get on with it. It's just a glitch and now I have to get the CONSISTENCY back again. One foot after the other so to speak.
I was excited again today to print off the plan for Week 5, and yesterday I ran for 25 minutes for the first time ever! I have been talking openly about the program with my workmates today to get my transparency back also. NO EXCUSES!
It WILL happen. I will finish the C25K program at the end of this month and I have downloaded the 'Couch to 10 ks'  app. in preparation for my next goal. I will have to be super-tight with my nutrition and step up the exercise intensity and frequency to get back on track with my weight loss....