Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back into it after Fiji

Well I am still not very consistant.
After 2 whole weeks I was so happy with how I was going - cooking most of the meals from the plan and feeling really satisfied/not hungry and really into Michelle's DVDs and my running program. I didn't even have any chocolate or chips!
I was losing weight consistantly AND THEN we went to Fiji, from Monday to the Saturday of Week 3.
It was beautiful, fun and relaxing. I managed to fit into my size 14 dress and I even managed to run 2 mornings out of the 5 we were there. Nutrition was great until Thursday, the wedding day, when I got it into my head that food and drink were OK because it was all catered for. Then of course I started to nibble on the chips and drank too much alcohol and my portion sizes were too big - luckily we were home before too much damage was done....
I put on 1.5 kilos - why is it so easy to pile it on so quickly? Admittedly I had 'cankles' and got rid of a fair bit of fluid over the next few days.
But alas my enthusiasm seemed to disappear too. I am cranky that I did not meet my pre season goals for Week 4, just because we had a beautiful holiday! I did not meet my weight loss goal by nearly 2 ks.
It has taken me all of this Week 4 just to find myself again and I have even had a headache and extreme tiredness for a couple of days. Suddenly the weeks seem to be slipping away and it's already nearly Week 5. I HAVE to be on track for the end of round party in Sydney!
By this Wednesday's weigh-in I'd lost 600gm since Sunday and I have certainly lost a few centimetres, so I have to be happy with that and just get on with it. It's just a glitch and now I have to get the CONSISTENCY back again. One foot after the other so to speak.
I was excited again today to print off the plan for Week 5, and yesterday I ran for 25 minutes for the first time ever! I have been talking openly about the program with my workmates today to get my transparency back also. NO EXCUSES!
It WILL happen. I will finish the C25K program at the end of this month and I have downloaded the 'Couch to 10 ks'  app. in preparation for my next goal. I will have to be super-tight with my nutrition and step up the exercise intensity and frequency to get back on track with my weight loss....


  1. Hey Jules, It is so hard to get back into after a holiday. Hang in there

  2. Hey Jules

    You are doing an awesome job!!!!

    Hang in there