Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second and Third Tasks

Once the 12WBT begins, revisit this goal page and update your one and three month goals with the more specific details about the program. We will be revisiting these goals throughout the 12WBT.

I feel like I am procrastinating already - it's been too long since my first blog and I have no excuses!
I should have been writing about my internal and external excuses - well obviously I am a professional procrastinator for a start! I must say it was so nice to read some comments left on my original post though and very encouraging. I can see that this program is going to be FULL of support for each other from all over Australia. I have now joined Twitter (confusing still) and the 12wbt Facebook group.

I am very good at talking myself OUT of getting things done, so that has got to change. A common expression I have noted among the 12wbt-ers is JFDI, so I am going to get that entrenched into my brain.
A 'good' excuse for not joining a gym for a while has been that I start work at 7 each morning so it's too hard to get there and then to work, and the gyms are always too busy in the evenings. Well, I was walking through the local shopping centre today and there was a lady displaying/promoting the 'Anytime Gym' which will just happen to open right across from my hospital in November and at special rates for hospital employees. I took that as a 'sign' and signed up on the spot. No joining fees. Open excuses...

I have finally written down my goals too - kind of been procrastinating on that one too as I was trying to get them 'just right', but I now realise that they can be updated along the way.
Here are my SMART goals

1 Month Goals (18th of October)
- Weight 71kgs (down 4kgs)
- Run 5ks without stopping

How - follow the nutrition plans and stick to the C25k plan

2 Month Goals (15th of November)
- Weight 68kgs (down 3kgs)
Run in a 5K fun run in a respectable time

How - increased fitness and strength through following Michelle's training plans at home and starting at the gym

3 Month Goals (13th of December)
- Weight 65kgs (down 3kgs)
- Run 10 ks (maybe a bit unrealistic?)

How - sticking with nutrition and training plans
- follow the C210 plan

6 month goals (March 2011)
- To have maintained my goal weight
- Increased fitness and strength

How - stick to everything I have learnt
Enter fun runs to continue momentum

12 month goals - as above


  1. Sounds like you have it well mapped out with what you want to achieve, how lucky you are with your gym!!!

  2. That gym opening is indeed a JFDI sign :)

    now you have no excuses!

  3. That is great the Gym opened just at the right time. Now you can rock the 12wbt. But even if you couldn't do Gym there were plenty of other alternatives!

  4. A clear sign you are meant to join, good luck on your journey. From one procrastinator to another good luck ( i mean hard work) on your journey