Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally it's Kick Off !

Well finally it has all started again! I do feel much more in control this time and it's like I 'get it' now. It took me at least until halfway through the last round to REALLY excercise 6 days a week (like not just take the dogs for a walk and think that counted) and to REALLY stop snacking between meals.

I am pleased with how I have kept up my exercise routine since the end of the last round. I think I've developed a phobia about my running - that if I don't keep it up consistently then I will lose it altogether and have to start from scratch again? I want to keep running for as long as I can, however long that may be? I suddenly seem to have realized that I am well and truly 'middle aged' - my next big milestone will be to turn 50 in 2014. How long can you keep running after menopause hits? Time will tell...

I am still very much a beginner runner, having started only in September last year. Thankfully I have been blessed with no injuries so far. I've got good knees and ankles (guess they haven't been used enough through their lifetime yet!). I didn't play netball and golf is pretty easy on the joints.

Even though I am still a relative newbie I've been stressing over my last few runs which have felt so HARD. I just can't seem to pick up speed without feeling like a learner runner again gasping for breath. Mind you (as #CrouchingKiwiHiddenDragon did point out), I have actually added an extra run this week for the Gold Coast 1/2 mara training AND I am probably not eating well enough the night beforehand? It has been so hot and humid lately too - I can't wait to do a 'cool' morning run again to see if that makes a difference or not. From now on I will be running 4 days per week of mixed tempos and also adding in the Lean and Fit program. I am going to be so fit!! That bit is exciting, but it is also making me lose sleep at night. I wake up during the night to work out which route I'll be taking in a few hours time, remembering if my clothes and HRM are all ready to go and that my alarm clock is set according to the distance I need to run before work. Hopefully it will all become second nature as I transition from beginner distance runner to just a runner.

Unfortunately I have let myself down on the nutrition side of things over the past few weeks. Not actually eating too much (I have maintained my weight loss) but just eating whatever I feel like, whenever I want. Bread, chocolate, chips, dips, just constant grazing on food that's not terribly nutritious. My excuse has been that I know I will be knuckling down completely as of now. I have to set a good example to my 2 daughters who are also doing this round. I will stick to my mission and achieve my new goals. I won't be able to slip into old habtis though once this round ends. This is it for me. Then I will be flying solo like a few others are this round.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pre season tasks

Well why do I have to do the preseason tasks? I had all this nailed last Round didn't I?
I don't have any excuses not to have perfect diet and nutrition. Except that I have slipped into old habits and I'm very unorganised in the kitchen. Well Lefty's been on holidays and has done most of the food shopping and cooking...
And I love exercise now. Except when it's hot and humid like it is now...
And I kind of thought my goals were obvious too, what with my 21K training program under way, but I hadn't really focussed on anything else.

This will look a bit tedious but I wanted to put my preseason tasks up here as well as on my 12wbt pages to make it more real - bear with me

Internal Excuses
Too hard to keep eating cleanly. Reluctant to give up sugar. Getting tired from so much exercise. Scared I will 'overdo it" wth the exercise/work/homelife combo

Just get organised - you've got your calendar sorted. Giving up sugar will improve energy levels, not deplete them! You will feel fitter, not more tired if you eat properly too, while exercising smartly
Make sure to have 1 proper rest day per week (thanks Bry for that one). Do more on days off, less on work days

External excuses Within My Control
Hot, humid weather. No time to plan meals. No time to go shopping. Don't like fish/seafood

Use the gym for interval training when it's too hot outside. Swim laps in the pool for cardio. Make time to plan meals, use the tools I have already ben given i.e. shopping lists for the weeks ahead. Substitute fish for chicken

Extenal Excuses Outside My Control
Family crisis?

Select good food choices no matter what, and you can always be prepared to go for a run or walk

1 Month Goals
21st March - lose 3 kgs
          - Increase up to Advanced exercise program/Lean and Strong
         - run 10 ks under 6 mins/min

How will I get there
Follow the eating plan and the Lean and Strong plan strictly
Read The Last 5 Kilos and follow strictly
Follow my 21k running plan - intervals and include hills
Keep doing weekly boxing sessions
Go to Bootcamp every month

3 Month Goals
Grand Finale - lose another 2kgs
Fit into dream dress
Run 16 ks (per Runkeeper running plan - week 16)
Do advanced raining session with Michelle

How will I get there?
Consistency with 12wbt food and exercise plan
Continue with 21k running plans (Bry and Runkeeper)
Keep up weekly boxing sessions and monthly Bootcamps

6 Month Goals
August - I will have run in 1/2 marathon
           - kept up new fitness levels and weight loss

How will I get there?
Plan for an Iron Man/Tri

12 Month Goals
Feb 2012 - continue improving fitness

How will I get there?
Keep setting new goals and challenges!

Me the first time I ran 10ks at home (December)

I was a bit snippy at Lefty this morning when he had a bit of a go about not sticking to the plan 'after all of this'. I was quick to bite back that I had ACTUALLY lost another kilo since the last Round AND was a lot fitter.
But he is right (unfortunately, hate that). I am eating chocolate again when I have a craving for it and eating bread again - why does one carb lead to another carb??

Getting Michelle's new book this week was an epiphany of sorts. I didn't realise the fine print says "Lose 5 Kilos in Thirty DAYS"! Sheesh! Well there's a new challenge to set myself!
I have actually put in my 1 month goals to lose 3ks initially, but I really will be going for the 5 - if Mish says it's possible, well who am I to argue?!

Lefty and I in Sydney after the Finale' Party
Still with my name badge on!
                                                                    (taken by the great Louy)