Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally it's Kick Off !

Well finally it has all started again! I do feel much more in control this time and it's like I 'get it' now. It took me at least until halfway through the last round to REALLY excercise 6 days a week (like not just take the dogs for a walk and think that counted) and to REALLY stop snacking between meals.

I am pleased with how I have kept up my exercise routine since the end of the last round. I think I've developed a phobia about my running - that if I don't keep it up consistently then I will lose it altogether and have to start from scratch again? I want to keep running for as long as I can, however long that may be? I suddenly seem to have realized that I am well and truly 'middle aged' - my next big milestone will be to turn 50 in 2014. How long can you keep running after menopause hits? Time will tell...

I am still very much a beginner runner, having started only in September last year. Thankfully I have been blessed with no injuries so far. I've got good knees and ankles (guess they haven't been used enough through their lifetime yet!). I didn't play netball and golf is pretty easy on the joints.

Even though I am still a relative newbie I've been stressing over my last few runs which have felt so HARD. I just can't seem to pick up speed without feeling like a learner runner again gasping for breath. Mind you (as #CrouchingKiwiHiddenDragon did point out), I have actually added an extra run this week for the Gold Coast 1/2 mara training AND I am probably not eating well enough the night beforehand? It has been so hot and humid lately too - I can't wait to do a 'cool' morning run again to see if that makes a difference or not. From now on I will be running 4 days per week of mixed tempos and also adding in the Lean and Fit program. I am going to be so fit!! That bit is exciting, but it is also making me lose sleep at night. I wake up during the night to work out which route I'll be taking in a few hours time, remembering if my clothes and HRM are all ready to go and that my alarm clock is set according to the distance I need to run before work. Hopefully it will all become second nature as I transition from beginner distance runner to just a runner.

Unfortunately I have let myself down on the nutrition side of things over the past few weeks. Not actually eating too much (I have maintained my weight loss) but just eating whatever I feel like, whenever I want. Bread, chocolate, chips, dips, just constant grazing on food that's not terribly nutritious. My excuse has been that I know I will be knuckling down completely as of now. I have to set a good example to my 2 daughters who are also doing this round. I will stick to my mission and achieve my new goals. I won't be able to slip into old habtis though once this round ends. This is it for me. Then I will be flying solo like a few others are this round.

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