Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Challenge Begins

This week I started the Preseason Tasks for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT which kicks off on the 20th of September.
I've just loved watching the Biggest Loser on TV and Michelle seems like such a tough cookie - it's actually very daunting to be starting this....
But if her program can't change me, then nothing can hey?
My friend has had some amazing results from the last round (which isn't finished yet BTW) and is a real inspiration. Just reading her own blog of her journey since the beginning of round 2 has been quite heart wrenching - obviously the mental side of this will be just as tough as the physical stuff.
From what I've read on the Forum so far, so many of us KNOW deep down what we should be doing, but just keep procrasinating and making excuses for ourselves.
I've put my hand up as being a chocoholic and seriously if you are only going to have 1 or 2 small squares then you may as well just smell the stuff. So does that mean I'll have to go cold turkey? Maybe, or I may learn new ways to handle this.
We are all itching to get started NOW, but we are learning that we need to be prepared first (poor prior learning leads to p*** poor performance?)
I am particularly anxious because we are going to FIJI in October only 2 weeks after official kick off and I will be surrounded by my skinny friends. So as one of the 5-15kg people trying to lose 10 kgs, I am desperately trying to be 1/4 of the way already by kick-off! Of course I was going to have lost all that weight well and truly by now, wasn't I?? (*kick myself again*)
I have started the Couch to 5k program and am coping so far with the first week done and dusted. Nuritionally I have picked up on the protein, salads and veg and reducing the carb load. Some of us are going to weigh in on Mondays leading up to kick off so that should provide some oomph I hope.
So here goes!


  1. the c25k program is awesome! If you need a boost with it, just let me know - I graduated a couple of months ago now!

    Another 5-15kg loser here as well but hey, dont' put any pressure on yourself to lose a certain number of kg's before you even start! You don't have the program yet and that is what you are here for. Just take it easy, change a few habits and see what happens - 12 weeks of the program is plenty of time to lose all you need!

  2. Hi Jules.....I am just finishing up Round 2 (lost 10.8kg) I still have around 25-30 to I am back for Round 3. I too am trying to get running, found it a bit hard at 110kg but hope now that I am back under 100kg I can give it a good crack this round.....