Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A week and a bit to go!

Well this is it really! I am on the last page of the Intermediate Half Marathon training plan. I did my last BIG run on Sunday before the big run at the Gold Coast in 10 days.

I am strangely calm because I know I can't do any more. There's only 6 more runs to go - a mix of short sprint sessions (LOL - I can't sprint to save myself) and a few longer 'comfortable' runs. It is so dark these mornings getting up at 5 and just a bit chilly, but yesterday was Winter Solstice so its only longer days from here on in!

I know now that I will be able to finish (I did 20.5ks on Sunday) and hopefully around 2:15 all going well. Unfortunately the main thing I am worried about is my guts-ache afterwards! I was OK this weekend (maybe the Endura I forced down afterwards) but the weekend before when I ran with Maddi and Dan again, was the absolute worst I'd ever been. I couldn't enjoy our brunch together afterwards and was literally on and off the toilet for hours afterwards and in excruciating pain. So unfair...I really want to enjoy our celebrations together so I'll be hoeing into the Imodium as soon as we cross that line.

After my run this time I also did something I've been intending to do for a few weeks to help with the leg pain and sat in the cold pool a la Hoffy a while back. A teeth chattering experience to say the least! Who knows if it helped or the Panadol I had to help me sleep that night.

I have done something I may just regret too - I have registered for the Jetty to Jetty 1/2 marathon which is 2 weeks after the GC. It SHOULD be OK because it is the same track that I have been doing my long training runs on.  But then.......I have registered for the Brisbane 1/2 marathon which is only 3 weeks after that one! OMG what have I done?

COMMIT - that's what I've done! I don't want to lose all this running fitness that I've gradually built up and I am quietly terrified of putting my weight back on.
The latest Runners World mag has a great plan for breaking the 2:00 1/2, so that is the goal I have set for Brisbane. 7 weeks.

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